The Wellness Enterprise – Healthy Water

I would like to introduce you to Patrick Durkin, CEO of The Wellness Enterprise. He has helped me reclaim my energy following cancer treatment.

As an ongoing effort to keep cancer from returning, I am always on the offensive in staying cancer free. I stay balanced with Emotion Code and Body Code and Psych-K. I eat organic, I sleep enough nightly, exercise, drink rarely, stay active, enjoy my family and friends, etc. My search to reclaim my energy following all of my treatments brought me to Patrick and his structured water device. I learned more about water than I ever thought possible through his Water 101 program.

I learned that water is our life source.

If your energy is down, you’re going through your own medical situation, or you just want to continue to treat your body like the temple it is, I invite you to learn more about the benefits of drinking water from a structured water device. Please stay and watch the following video with Patrick and me!

Have you ever heard someone say: You are what you eat? How about: You are what you drink?

With approximately 70% of the human body made of water, there is nothing more critical to life. So why is it that so little attention is paid to the water, or any liquid that we are putting in our bodies? How can we expect our cells to absorb liquid which is no longer organized in a way that supports our cells?

The answer is simple, actually almost too simple: through restructuring what we drink. And our Natural Action Structured Water Devices do just that.

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