I have been working with Dana for over a year now. Originally I went to her to as I was suffering over my parents’ deaths the year before. She has helped me not only in that area but in all facets of my mental, physical and spiritual self. Dana is knowledgeable but beyond this she sincerely cares. I highly recommend Dana to anyone regardless of age or specific need. I plan to continue to work with Dana on a regular basis as she brings peace and joy into my daily life.



After our session I received an e-mail from the last person I interviewed with. She wanted to know if I was still available for her June 4th birth because they would love to have me as their baby nurse!!!!! Dana, thank you so much for removing blocks I had to attracting new clients.


Dana, I am not sure how, but the pain in my shoulder and arm is completely gone! I thought I was going to have to use an MRI to find the source of my pain. You were able to pinpoint where my negative energies were and release them -- just like you said! I now feel better than I have in months and the pain is gone. Thank you!



If you have ever picked up a book to read--unsure of what to expect—only to find yourself pleasantly surprised and captivated, then you can begin understand my Heal with Dana journey. I was skeptical about emotion codes, and I certainly did not think anything needed to be changed in the world of my emotions or thoughts. I did, however, go into these sessions with an open mind and a willingness to participate.

In our very first session, as Dana began to go through trapped emotions and name the individual years in which they had been trapped, I was captivated by the accuracy. I found myself counting the years from my date of birth to remember what happened at certain ages to match the various named emotions that had been trapped. Every named year, and every named emotion, were completely accurate. As we released these trapped emotions, I knew something very good was happening inside me.

Next, Dana discovered a negative broadcast message that was preventing me from succeeding in a very specific and very important area of my life. We were able to remove that negative broadcast message and we replaced it with a positive broadcast message. Immediately following that session, tangible changes began happening in my life. I was broadcasting my new positive message and the results were instant, and lasting. That session was about two months ago and the results continue to this day and I have no fear of ever going back to the old struggles.

Just when I thought I’d read the best part of this new mystery book, it got exponentially better. My T3 session with Dana dealt with some destructive core beliefs that I’d been carrying around for most of my 50-years. We identified those destructive core beliefs, removed them, then installed new core beliefs. My sessions with Dana have changed my life for the better. Sustained success at work, better relationships at home, and dramatically improved interactions with team members whom I lead at work.

You can trust Dana. You can trust her processes. You can Heal with Dana.



I am so appreciative for the Emotion Code treatment you did on me. I was a nervous, sleepless individual with a lot of anxiety and sorrow. With the Emotion Code, I found out that these were issues that trended far back and deep within and I carried the unwanted emotions heavily.

I am so amazed by the results of the outcome. Today I sleep full nights and my anxieties have almost completely diminished. When unwanted emotions try to arise I tell myself those were released and I no longer own them. There is a wonderful happiness and calmness within and am so thankful to you and this program!



I would like to recommend Dana Engdahl as a Body Code practitioner. My first session with her of less than one hour brought powerful shifts and immediate healing. Layer after layer of imbalance was released, as I experienced kriyas and other discernible bodily reactions to her clearings. I am feeling light and wonderful, and looking forward to it all sinking in and percolating through my system.

There were a few surprises, and a lot that resonated with what Guidance has already been indicating. I think it is important in a session that I push all expectations and previous knowing aside and roll with what the practitioner is doing, and did my best to do so. The Body Code is a stunning illustration of how we do not have to know details about trauma, etc in order to heal energetically.



I had a long day of travel and found that my back and shoulders were tense and in pain. I have had back surgery and my back is a constant source of nagging pain. I was in touch with Dana and had a Body Code Session with her. I went to bed, woke up the next morning, sat up in bed, moved my shoulder blade carefully, and found NO PAIN – and, I had full range of motion. Yay!”

Dana, the pain relief you provided in 20 minutes working on me was something that four different massage therapists over two and a half years were not able to do. I am so grateful to know that the trapped emotions are released for good and no longer impacting my life.



Over several years, and with many trips to the ER thinking I was having a heart attack, I was finally diagnosed with acid reflux/heartburn and began taking a prescription drug. Unfortunately this type of drug weakens the bones and should not be taken for prolonged periods of time. I took only half the dosage prescribed and supplemented with natural remedies. For the last several months, the drugs coupled with the remedies, did not end my daily suffering. I asked Dana if she could help me through Body Code. After 3 treatments, I am feeling really good with only minimal light occurrences eased with a natural remedy. I will continue treatment with Dana with the goal of getting off the prescription drugs for good and eliminating my acid reflux altogether.



"I have worked with several people who do similar work to what Dana does, and she is definitely one of the very best. I was extremely impressed and happy with my session. The word I would use to describe her is generous - both with her knowledge and herself. Sometimes I feel therapeutic work can be awkward if it feels transactional, because of the personal nature of the work. But Dana really made me feel like a friend. She was relaxed and positive while also being very engaged. She made me feel like she really cared about me and my journey upon our first meeting! I felt very comfortable with her, which is hugely important to me and not something I say easily. She is very smart and gifted and I'd give her a 10 out of 10 and recommend her to anyone! I feel great!"



"I went to get my hair cut and came away with info on Dana. Best hair cut ever!!!! I have now had 6 sessions with Dana and I would say life as I knew it will never be again.

Besides feeling like I had known Dana forever, my heart has opened to loving myself as well as others in a whole new way. Dana was able to pinpoint and help me clear area's in my life I didn't even know had been affecting me. Dana is not only excellent at doing her work, she is also loving and compassionate and allows her own intuitive abilities to guide her to help each person open up like a flower that opens its petals to nourishment from the sun and rain.

If I had one statement that would explain Dana, it would be this:  we are all puzzles and Dana knows how to place each puzzle piece to complete a masterpiece.

I am forever grateful to Dana and the Emotion Code for putting my pieces in order and with clarity and healing.

Love is a blessing that when shared blesses all!"


Thank you for all that you do. You are a blessing to me!


After months of not being able to sleep throughout the night, and dealing with chronic anxiety, I am now able to get a good night's sleep, and stay relaxed most of the time. Thank you to Dana and Body Code.



I'm almost 60 years old and proof that it's never too late to start over. Thank you, Dana, for getting down to the root of things and giving me back my independence and sense of my true self. It sounds like such a cliche, but I feel like I've been reborn. The clues were all around me, but you're the only person who pieced them together in a way that finally made sense. I would not have discovered these things on my own. This work is a process and I look forward to our continued relationship as well as the blossoming of the "real" me. Many thanks and blessings!