In every relationship, people are exchanging energy. This energy can become a negative energy cord connecting you energetically with the person in that relationship. Think of a cord like an energetic umbilical cord between two people who are transferring emotional energy and life energy. When the energy (and therefore the cord) is positive, there exists an energetic bond with the other person that is healthy.

By contrast, a negative energy cord contains the energy of the negative aspects of the relationship. This can be unresolved negative emotions and issues associated with events in the relationship.

We create cords to connect with one another.  We can cord with others and others can cord with us.  Cords come in various strengths as shown in the picture.  Large cords are typically formed with close loved ones like our parents, children or partner.  Smaller cords can be formed with co-workers or those who help us like our banker, hair dresser or spiritual adviser.  To have a cord, there exists an energy of mutual interest in the relationship.

There are signs that you are corded with another person, and once you recognize the signs, disconnecting the cord will resolve many of the signs and symptoms of being corded. Negative energy cords can create all kinds of problems, both physical and emotional, and can often cause you to take on the emotional problems of others.  They can also leave you feeling stuck and unable to move on when you want to.


6 Signs that you are corded:


You can’t stop thinking about the person

I personally had to remove a cord with a friend whom I decided was not really a friend.  In the end, she wasn’t a nice person and I had to change the relationship.  Despite needing to be detached from her, for several months I often thought of her.  I tried not to, but thoughts would just pop in my head.


You dream about the person or a meaningful place you shared with that person

Once I woke up at night dreaming about a vacation we went on – girls weekend.  In my dream, I secretly visited the vacation location just to see if she was there and what was going on.  Needless to say, I did not want to continue dreaming about this person.


You have conversations with the person

I would have imaginary conversations with this x-friend all of the time.  On one level, I wanted nothing to do with her, but on another I really wanted to tell her what I thought of her – and I did. . . in my mind . . .all of the time!


You can’t forgive and let go

Boy did I not only want her to know what I thought of her, I realized that I had not forgiven her for all the wrongs I felt she had done to me.  I tried to forgive, but I had to keep forgiving over and over and over – I just wasn’t getting the job done.  Cords will do that.  They do prevent you from truly forgiving the other person and yourself as well.


They find a way back into your life

Imagine my astonishment when my husband went on a mini vacation to find ourselves at the same resort with my x-husband.  Ugh!   When a cord is present, the person you are corded to will find a way back into your life.


You feel drained

Having a negative energy cord is draining.  That’s because they interrupt the positive energy in your auric field. With an opening in your auric field from a negative energy cord, this allows energy to be lost, or worse – taken by the person.


Removing Negative Energy Cords


Using Body Code methods, we remove cords and do not cut them.  We send them outside your auric field.  First, we find out more about the cord by asking questions like whether or not the cord is healthy.  We can ask where you are corded (most likely in a chakra area), whether the cord is with a male or a female, when the cord was established and who established it.

Once a cord is removed, I like to use an energy of love and white light to heal the place where you were corded.

If you want to learn more about your own personal cords of attachment and how they are affecting you, please contact me or  leave a comment below and let me know if you have ever been corded!