Working with Dr. Nelson has been the greatest joy.  I just jumped onto a webinar where he explains the 5 secrets keeping you from successfully losing weight.  I am going to share it with you right now!

Secret #1:

The invisible link between a sad heart and gaining weight!  Your Heart Wall

A heart wall is literally made up of trapped emotions that are stored in and around the heart. Figuratively, the subconscious mind assigns it a tangible physical material such as wood, metal, stone, grass or any other material. The material your heart wall if made of symbolizes the strength and protective power of your heart wall better than trapped emotions, which are invisible.

The heart longs for joy, but when a heart wall exists, it is made up of negative trapped emotions.  The heart simply can’t find that joy it longs for.  Feeling that joy almost becomes impossible so the heart will seek out a source of temporary joy.  There are many things that can be that source and food is one of them.  Many of us make up that lack of joy by eating.

Secret #2:

Toxicity – The average person in the US consumes about 14 to 15 pounds of toxins per year!

Toxins are in so many of the foods we eat, especially if you eat processed and fast foods. If you look at any label, you will see many ingredients which are man-made! Many of them are toxic to our bodies because the body doesn’t know what it is so stores it as fat. Aspartame is a good example. It is a sweetener that has been in foods for years. It’s also in almost all chewing gum!  It is an ingredient approved by the FDA as an additive because it is cheap and sweet. MSG is another ingredient added for flavor and it is highly addictive. If you read a label and it lists “spices”, that is an approved way that MSG can be labeled in food! Outrageous. In a study on mice, those that were injected with MSG quickly became obese!

Drinking water can cause weight gain as well. What? Yes! That’s because depending on where you live, there could be all sorts of toxic additives in your water.  This can include fluoride, chlorine, arsenic, and heavy metals. Research what your water department puts in your water. And, don’t rely on bottled water either. Many times it comes out of a tap. And, if the bottle gets warm, you could be drinking chemicals from the plastic. The best thing you can do is purchase a really good water filter . . .and popular water filters found in the grocery store will polish your water and make it taste good. It doesn’t remove toxins.

So how do toxins cause weight gain?  Your body will use fat to protect yourself from toxins.  The liver is the organ designed to do this, but if it is overloaded, then toxins remain in the body.  The body will then produce fat to store these extra toxins.

And you know that rebound weight gain?  There is a reason for this.  When you diet and lose weight, you are losing fat.  Yay.  Well, the thinner you get, the less fat you have, and the higher amount of toxins you have floating around in your body.  So, when you return to a more normal eating pattern, your body rushes to produce fat in order to store the toxins.  Voila, rebound weight gain.

Toxins, literally need to be cleansed from your body!

Secret #3:

Diet – It Matters What You Eat!

Well, I am sure you knew that was coming so I am not going to nag about it. The better you eat, the better your body will respond helping you to lose weight and feel better. I have personally moved to eating only organic, non-gmo foods. I also try to make a lot of my dietary intake live raw foods. This is easily done by eating salads or snacking on raw vegetables and fruits.

Secret #4:

Sugar and Inflammatory Foods!

You must avoid foods that poison you or cause inflammation. After being treated for cancer, I had to go on hormone therapy which means my Oncologist shut my hormones down. My cancer joyfully grew in the presence of estrogen.  I can’t tell you how wrecked my body was. I had no energy, and I ached head to toe. I looked to healthy foods as a way to feel better. Food can be the best medicine. It can also hurt you too. As I moved to organics and whole foods, I did feel better. But, something was missing. So, I tested for food intolerances. I found I was not tolerant to dairy (cow or goat), beef, eggs (yolks and whites), broccoli, bananas, cranberries, lemons and pineapple. While some of this was bad news – I love pineapple – I found that removing these foods from my diet reduced my joint pain to almost nothing!

And let’s pause to talk about sugar. Once again, you knew this was coming!  Consider too much sugar to be white poison for your body! There are so many alternatives that are lower on the glycemic index and that don’t cause obesity.  Did you know that they are also finding sugar to be a cause of high blood pressure too?

Secret #5:

Emotional Sabotage – You might be your own worst enemy!

There are four areas I want to address here.  Let’s begin with Addictive Heart Energy. This is a more recent energy discovered by Dr. Nelson. This specific frequency of energy is created by the heart in the presence of a heart wall or because of a heart wall. Again, the heart is designed to feel joy, love and other positive emotions and it is the core of who we are.  Because the heart wall prevents the heart from feeling joy and other positive emotions, the heart desperately tries to reach out to find something pleasurable to hold or grab onto.  That’s when the addictive energy is created – out of the need for joy!

The Addictive Heart Energy draws inappropriate harmful things to the heart as a substitute of joy.  This energy can cause addictions that don’t cause pleasure at all, but harm.

Lack of exercise is the next way to sabotage yourself. But, trapped emotions such as helplessness and hopelessness or lack of control can make exercising require an enormous amount of effort. These emotions must be released.

Being too good of a friend or listener might be killing you. Do you have a friend or loved one who uses you to vent – like all of the time? Well, that toxicity will cause your body to respond by creating a heart wall or causing you to gain weight from the stress of it all.

Your own emotional baggage can cause weight gain too. Weight can act like a suit or armor. It can be a way of dealing with negative energy – or to justify the presence of negative energy.  In cases of abuse or even being a victim of crime, weight can be a subconscious way to protect oneself.  It is also your body’s response to negative energy or bad memories.

So, how can I help youI can ASK YOUR BODY WHAT IT KNOWS!

By using Emotion Code and Body Code techniques, we can ask your body which one of these areas is causing you to gain weight or be unable to take it off.  Once we pinpoint the area to work on, we do just that. I go to work to release trapped emotions, remove addictive heart energies, discover whether or not you have toxins and remove blocks to becoming a healthier you!

I invite you to make a choice, to take a chance, to make a change for the positive. Contact me if you are ready to tackle your weight issues!