One of my favorite sessions is a session with an adolescent or young adult. I am so fortunate to have the privileged of working with entire families. I am pleasantly surprised by how welcoming children and young adults (ages 9 to 25) are of this modality. And, as a practitioner, I am always left acutely aware that the young ones I work with are so fortunate to not have to lug their negative trapped emotions around until it disrupts their lives in some unfortunate way. They are not only open to this modality of help, but quite often results are realized quickly. After all, I’m not removing 50 or 60 years of baggage!

Our young ones today deal with the same issues we dealt with in our youth – hormones, self-doubt, comparisons – but I fear that they have it much harder too. When you add in technology, which validates their worst fears and darkest thoughts at every turn, it breaks my heart for them. They have to be vigilant with their peers face to face, but also over the internet.

Negativity is presented everywhere and can spread like wildfire over the internet and via text. Thankfully, I have been blessed with the privileged of working with many teens and young adults with great results. I feel like my work is perhaps even more critically important at this young age group. They are our next generation, and they are trying to prevail in a very daunting time.

I’d like to share a few recent success stories. They are vague on purpose as I must protect confidentiality, but it will illustrate how Emotion Code and Body Code can work for your kids.

I’m stuck!

The first young adult I worked with was a young woman in her twenties. She felt STUCK in life. We began by removing negative energies with the intent to raise her to her highest potential in the area of work. Then, we moved to the area of relationship and on to where she was living. We had 3 or 4 session together when things began to eventually shift for the better. She’s made it through her first year at a new job, and feels confident in her abilities having met her production goals for her first year. She is in a new home and recently met a nice guy. She feels like she is moving forward in a positive direction.

I want to achieve!

I recently worked with a wonderful 16 year old to boost her confidence and remove any negative energies which would prevent her from doing her best on her SATs. We worked to remove negative energies and also developed positive affirmations for her to use in building positive energy for her test.   I don’t know who felt better after that session, me or this wonderful young lady!

My parents divorced!

I work with several kids who have been through the divorce of their parents. While these kids processed the breakup of the family in different ways, many underlying emotions are the same. There are broken hearts, shock, resentment, abandonment, betrayal and more. It’s so rewarding to remove this negative energy and help these kids move forward.

I’m an athlete and want help with my sport!

Emotion Code and Body Code also helps young athletes. It’s a wonderful modality to help remove performance blocks and insecurities. My favorite session was with a college freshman. He was struggling a bit with his performance as a runner. During a session, more sleep and proper hydration was indicated. I explained that I wasn’t acting motherly as a practitioner, but that his subconscious was telling him that in order to perform at his best level, he needed to be sure to hydrate properly and get enough sleep. He got a smile on his face and agreed to treat himself better!

I’m so sad, I’m hurting myself!

Thankfully, Emotion Code can quickly help when negative emotions lead to depression and this leads to a young child wanting to hurt themselves. For some, the teen years are not only hard, but perilous. Period. But, this modality has helped two of my young clients overcome the desire to hurt and sabotage themselves. Coupled with traditional counseling, both adolescents are leading happy lives today and feel so much better.

I keep getting sick!

When the immune system is balanced, school germs are more easily fought and sick days are reduced. Plus sickness that can’t get started doesn’t travel through the entire family. And, the incident of anti-biotics is reduced. One young man I worked on has had a much healthier year this year, and I was able to eliminate a cough he had since the divorce of his parents. Energy trapped during the difficult time his parents went through actually trapped in his lungs and caused a frequent cough. Body code was able to eliminate this cough and help this young man have a healthier school year.

My parent is deploying!

I live in a town with an air force base, and we are home to a lot of military families. Many of these families has or had a deployed parent. Some parents have deployed several times since the war with Iraq started. My grandson is one of those kids. His father has deployed three times. This is hard on military families. Emotion Code and Body Code techniques can help families remove trapped emotions like fear, panic, loneliness and sorrow trapped after a parent deploys. It is also a wonderful tool to reduce anxiety and depression for all family members whether deployed or at home.

Whether your young family member wants help in moving forward in life, or help in reaching their truest potential, or you just need their immune system to function at high levels during the school year, Emotion Code and Body Code can help.