Move Towards Personal Wellness with a Positive Mindset

My work as an Emotion Code/Body Code Energy Practitioner allows me to help you experience your own personal Wellness Transformation by releasing your negative energies. However, I have to stress how important it is to also develop a positive mindset for this work and for your wellbeing!

As a practice, I begin each energy session with my clients by muscle testing their “thought energy.”  I ask my clients to think of ‘something positive.’  I do this so that I can muscle test the thought with the expectation of a strong muscle response.  This is how I know I am connected with my client’s energy and that I am getting “good” answers.

For those who have a lot of negative emotional energy due to trauma or emotional pain, I often get the reply, “Oh, it is really hard to think of something positive.”  When this happens, it just means there is work to do.

There can be more than one factor contributing to imbalance and it is important to address all of the factors.  You can help your emotional state, and therefore your spirit and soul, if you pay attention to your mindset.

In my e-book entitled The Beginner’s Guide to Wellness Through Balanced Energy, I talk about transforming lives through finding balance. One of the first things that I suggest you do is to start each day with a positive mindset.

The Beginner’s Guide To Wellness Through Balanced Energy

Master Your Mindset

I believe a positive mindset can help your transformation process, and starting each day with a positive vibration sets the vibration for your day. In order to begin to trust the self-correcting capability of your body, a positive mindset is paramount.  It can also simply help you get through the day. Sometimes, this is where I start with clients who are heavily burdened.

As I write this article, Mother Nature is having her way in the Pacific Northwest where I live.  Winter has been snowing on us with a vengeance – 18 inches in the past 2 weeks. Mostly, the part of this I don’t like is the shoveling of the snow!  So, how do I get in the proper mindset to do this task easily?

Stop Beating The Drum of Discontent

The drum of discontent is the perspective from which you are seeing your situation.  For me and the endless amounts of snow, it could have sounded something like this, “Ugh, it’s snowing again!  I hate snow! I’m going to have to shovel again! It’s so cold!  Where is Spring?”

Don’t Be A Victim

Here’s what I did instead: The first thing I did is I looked out, and I said, “What are the blessings?” The blessings are that it’s pretty darn beautiful outside. So serene. The plows hadn’t been through, so it was actually quite lovely.

After going outside, I found out that the snow was like powder – super light!  I thanked the cold for helping the snow to be so light and picked up my broom – not the shovel!  I had my front stairs and walkway clear in about 2 minutes.  And, it felt great to be outside!

Receive The Unexpected

An unexpected gift was received while I was sweeping!  My neighbor was walking her dog, so I got to chat with her. I hadn’t been out in days so this was a delight!  Her dog was having a blast in the snow. What is it about dogs and the snow? It’s awesome to see them just play. They’re just so happy.

See Things Through A Positive Perspective.

If there is something that’s troubling you in your life, try to find a blessing within it – even if it’s just one positive thing.  Or, focus on a completely different area in your life that is a blessing – the love of a grandchild, the friendships that help, the career that gives you purpose.  Let that be your focus that starts your day off on a positive note.

This shift to a positive mindset may take a little bit of practice, but I invite you to enter into a positive mindset for the day each morning and just let that lift you throughout the day.  Make this practice part of your morning routine!

Download my new e-book The Beginner’s Guide to Wellness Through Balanced Energy: to learn more about how to begin your Wellness Transformation. 

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