The answer is YES!  But, it helps to know what an Allergy Idea is. 

What is an Allergy Idea?

An Allergy Idea is an energy that results from negativity around a certain idea.  For instance, during the last election campaign it seemed as if half of all Americans were allergic to the idea of Donald Trump being elected president while the other half was allergic to the idea of Hillary Clinton being elected.  It’s that energy that makes you exclaim, “The thought of that just makes me feel (fill in with a negative emotion)!” 

For me, I used to have an allergy to the idea of swimming in the ocean.  You see, I love the Hawaiian Islands but preferred to be BY the water or ON the water (as in a boat).  Why?  Because the thought of being touched by a fish, or eaten by a shark was a true allergy idea!  Spiders don’t bother me, but a fish touching me was like YUCK!

Allergy ideas are generated during any time in our lives and they can really hold us back and prevent us from being the best we can be.  There can be simple allergy ideas like mine is, and others are fairly significant.  I want to share a story (with permission) about one that I found with a client recently.

I have a client whose subconscious has been sending her clear messages to love herself and begin to take better care of herself physically.  When our subconscious sends us messages that we have power over our own bodies and lives, this creates an environment for the most powerful kind of healing.  The message being sent was to take care and make changes NOW.  My client was trying  but just wasn’t making the changes she needed to make.  The underlying cause was fascinating.

Using Body Code techniques, we found an imbalance in her Central Nervous System caused by an allergy to the idea of being diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  She confirmed that this diagnosis was really stressful for her.  As an energy practitioner, I always ask if there are other energies that are a “fabric” of the allergy idea.  I look for energies that are entwined with it, helped to create it, or help to hold the idea firmly in place.  What I found in this case was truly amazing.  There were many pieces to this allergy idea.

As we worked together, I found several other mental energies that had the emotion of unsupported linked to it.  This included a saboteur energy, a thought energy which is how she thought about herself and an image energy which is how she pictured herself.

As I continued on, I asked if we could know what was generating all of this energy of being unsupported.  The answer we got was that she had a negative belief that she could not create a change for herself by herself.  It came as “I can’t do this myself.”  Knowing this was the heart of the problem we released this belief and created a new belief.

I used Psych-K to install a new belief of “I am determined and can do this successfully.”   When creating a new belief, it helps to have action steps that help to create a positive environment for this belief to take root.  For instance, I can install a belief that I will be an Olympic Athlete, but unless I take action steps like finding a trainer and actually training, my goal in this belief will never be realized. 

For my client, she created the action step that daily she would think about, write down, and commit to one good thing all day to do to take care of herself and create change.  For example, one goal is to stop drinking diet soda.  From there, she will continue to build healthy new habits with the goal of helping herself back to greater physical well-being.

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