About Heal With Dana

I am so happy you landed here so that we could meet. I have been waiting to meet you and invite you to stay and linger a bit. I have a very personal story that led me on a path to being here with you today.  You see, I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in early 2013.  What I still find remarkable was my reaction to this news.  I had never even had a sprained toe or broken bone, let alone a life-threatening disease.  I was scared and shocked when given my diagnosis, but I was also immediately galvanized to discover ALL of the options available to me in restoring my health. I wanted – no, needed — to have a sense of control over my recovery.

I chose to be healed at a cancer center that provided and practiced both traditional medicine and alternative medicine.  I hated the thought of going through surgery, chemo and radiation but because my cancer was advanced, I was scared not to.  I was frustrated with traditional medicine because it had failed me already.  I had been having those super fun yearly mammograms since the age of 40 and they showed clear every year, including the day I was diagnosed!  It took an ultra sound to find my rather large and advanced tumor.

I began to read everything I could get my hands on about treating cancer naturally.  A common thread in many of the books and articles I read was the need to release all of my negative trapped emotions.  I had never heard about how this is done and dove deeper into my research. I literally started by doing a Google Search on “how to release a trapped emotion”.

I am happy to say that through my research, I learned about how to release my trapped emotions using The Emotion Code and Body Code techniques. Learning about how to systematically release my old baggage has enabled me to work on this to the very core of my being.  It also gave me a purpose in life. Because of this profound experience, I decided to dedicate myself to others by becoming a Certified Emotion Code and Certified Body Code practitioner.  In 2017 I also became a Psych-K Facilitator helping change limiting beliefs into positive beliefs creating positive transformation.

When I tell others that I use Emotion Code and Body Techniques to identify and remove trapped emotions – and Psych-K to transform negative or limiting beliefs – many have no idea what I am talking about.  If this is you, learn more about these techniques right here on my site, or schedule a free consultation so I can answer all of your questions and release one trapped emotion for you. 

What I personally value the most about these techniques is that they did not interfere with what my physicians were already doing for me.  Rather, it was a compliment that supported that process even further. For others, the effect of sessions has literally kept them out of their physician’s office. See my testimonials!

The treatment process for my cancer wasn’t quick or easy to say the least, but I can finally embrace the fact that it was a tool for own personal self-discovery. It literally put me on the path to being a Certified Practitioner and for that, I am grateful. Again, I invite you to learn more about Emotion Code and Body Code techniques, and now Psych-K.  Thank you for stopping by to meet me!