Grounding is a simple act we can take to improve our overall feeling of well-being 

When we are grounded:

Things are easy and we feel balanced and at peace.  Being grounded can mean two things:

  1. Being fully present in your body and/or
  2. Feeling connected to the earth.
When ungrounded, you may feel:

Spaced out – Your mind might wander more frequently or you might just feel spacey

Forgetful –  Forgetting important information such as an appointment or meeting

Distracted – You may notice that you misplace things

Unwell – Which can be any of the items listed here

  • Poor sleep
  • Fatigue
  • Pain
  • Falling asleep during meditation sessions
  • Constant daydreaming
  • Sensitivity to light and noise
  • Jumpy or over-stimulated
  • Sudden increase in clumsiness
  • Getting lost while driving, even if you know where you are
  • Losing track of what you were saying in conversations, or struggling to follow other people when they are talking.
A report from Gaia states:

Every naturally occurring event gives energy to the earth. Its surface acts as a conductor, continually receiving and distributing energy to every living thing.

For most of humanity we were a part of this connection. Walking barefoot across the land, our bodies were continually linked to this massive energy field.

However in 1892, rubber soled shoes were invented and became widely produced and distributed by 1917.  We have all been told that a safe place to be in an electrical storm in inside a car.  Why?  The tires ground us because they are insulators or inhibitors.  Guess what, rubber soled shoes act the same way.   Asphalt and plastics also prevent our connection to the earth.  Why is it so important to be connected to the earth’s energy?

Research held by the University of Arizona examined the health of plants in relation to their connection to earth. The earthing experiment pitted 2 sunflowers against each other, one grounded, and one ungrounded. What became apparent immediately was the decline in health of the ungrounded flower, which became “stressed”, versus the vibrant nature of its grounded neighbor.

So, how do we ground? 
  1. Simply make contact with the ground (grass, dirt, sand or concrete), which is also conductive. Making a habit of taking a walk to the nearest park on a Sunday and sitting on the grass.  Even lean against a tree.  Tree-huggers are definitely grounded!  You can also take your shoes off in your backyard each day after work, which is easy and adaptable for any lifestyle.
  2.  While on vacation, take a swim in the lake or ocean.  Swimming in a large body of water is another way to consume mass amounts of positive earth energy, so if you are in need of serious healing, plan your next vacation near a beach or lake.
  3. Gardening is also a great opportunity to ground, not to mention eating organic garden vegetables!
  4. Sit on the earth and “see” your self rooted to the center of the earth and taking in its gifts!

You’ll not only receive the benefits of grounding, you’ll allow yourself the time for fresh oxygen to fill your lungs and hopefully a few moments enjoying nature.  How do you like to ground?  Feel free to leave a comment for me!