As I write this, we are all in the midst of the Corona Virus Pandemic 2020. This article is about the Collective Energies entering into our energy fields.

I learned a little bit about COVID-19 and how it started.  The short story is that an animal was caged and this animal was sick (and was no doubt scared – probably freaked out).  The virus spread from this animal to other animals who were also caged and scared.  Eventually the virus got so intense that it shed into the human population. Humans are now ‘shedding’ the virus making it super easy to transmit to others.  Here we are in at pandemic.

As I have been working to help my clients through this pandemic, I began to feel a little down and energetically heavy.  What I found is that because the energy around the virus is so intense worldwide, it’s entering people’s energy field.  As it enters our energy field, it’s creating imbalance. The one thing we want to be during a pandemic is definitely balanced – especially in our immune system.

I am fortunate that I am safe and secure so I wanted to figure out why I was feeling so heavy.   I asked a question, “Is this heavy feeling all mine?” The answer was no.  I then asked, “Is this a collective energy?” The answer was yes.

When I muscle test how many people are experiencing these collective energies, there can be 500,000 to 700,000 people worldwide feeling the same energy. If an energy resonates with us, then it’s got a good chance of entering our energy field.

Examples of energies I am finding that are being “shed” from the collective include:


Fear, anxiety, worry, isolation, unsupported, grief, heartache and more


Keeping your vibration high will help you during these times.  Here are some tips:


  1. Limit the amount of exposure you have to the news. I am a bit of a news junkie and I have limited my news intake to 30 minutes a day. I only really need to know what’s going on. After I know what’s going on, then I turn the news off and return to something more positive.
  2. Subscribe or tune into positive social media. I am following several comedians on Instagram and it’s hilarious.
  3. Return to your musical roots – whatever it is. For me it’s classic rock from the 70’s and 80’s.
  4. Move some! It may be hard to be motivated, but the more you move, the better your energy.
  5. Stay hydrated. Water is the main life force so drink enough.
  6. Eat right. This may be hard for those who are out of work with no income.  Try to limit the junk food and processed food if you can and eat as much natural food as possible. If that is difficult, try to limit the alcohol and sugar.
  7. Stay in your normal sleep routine. It doesn’t help to blow up your circadian rhythm by staying up until 2 a.m.
  8. Be a helper! Helping others with a phone call, a donation, a home-made face mask, a donation of your time are all ways to keep your vibration high.
  9. Join my e-mail list and participate in my 20-minute free energy clearing sessions! These will be held into May 2020. . . and longer if needed.
  10. Wear your dang face-mask if asked to do so!  Continue to distance!  Wash your hands!  Don’t touch your face! We will get through this quicker if we all do what we are supposed do.  Please continue to take care of one another.
  11. If you know how, call in positive energy and ask that it be protective of you – Love, joy, cheer, are great examples.

Stay safe and keep others safe too!