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I am so happy you landed here so that we could meet.

I have a very personal story that led me on a path to being here with you today. You see, I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in early 2013. What I still find remarkable was my reaction to this news.

Here’s a clip of Dr. Bradley Nelson talking a little about my story.

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Can An ALLERGY IDEA Be Holding You Back?

Can An ALLERGY IDEA Be Holding You Back?

The answer is YES!  But, it helps to know what an Allergy Idea is.  What is an Allergy Idea? An Allergy Idea is an energy that results from negativity around a certain idea.  For instance, during the last election campaign it seemed as if half of all Americans were...

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Avoid Getting a Cold or Flu This Season

Avoid Getting a Cold or Flu This Season

As a holistic health practitioner, I know when cold and flu season is upon us.  And, it is upon us.  Know that you can make it through the season with a little help!  The first thing to understand is that when someone who is infected with a virus coughs or sneezes,...

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5 Not-So-Obvious Tips For Healthier Eating

5 Not-So-Obvious Tips For Healthier Eating

As we approach the holidays, I am sure that food and trying to eat balanced has crossed your mind a time or two. It can be difficult to stay healthy and balanced this time of year. My advice is to do your best!  A more important issue is eating healthier as a...

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To build healthier and happier lives around the world by working with individuals to find and release their energetic imbalances and negative trapped emotions.


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